Rules and Regulations

General Provisions
Section 1

FESTIVUS is the film fest for the rest of us. Our goal is to support and encourage awesomely badass, truly independent film. Festivus isn't for the deep-pocketed Hollywood type. We're here for the guy that pawned his car to make a film. That's what independent cinema is about. That's what FESTIVUS is all about. Festivus is for you, the truly independent filmmaker.

Festival program
Section 2 

The festival program includes: - the international main competition (full-length feature film); - An international competition for short feature films; - out-of-competition impressions; - retrospective showing of domestic films; - Presentations of film projects and workshops; - creative meetings of guests and authors with the audience; - press conferences.

Section 3 

At the Festivus Film Festival, copyright holders of works declared in one of the Festival's programs can participate.

Those wishing to submit a film for participation in the Festivus Film Festival must officially submit via our submission platforms at FilmFreeway. The selection of films for participation in the Festivus Film Festival is carried out by the selection committee. 

Notifications of the decision of the selection committee on the list of films included in the competition programs of the festival will be published on the Festivus Film Festival website no later than the date of the official press conference of the festival. Producers and authors of selected works will be notified in advance by e-mail. The decision of the selection committee is final, not commented or discussed.

By submitting an application, the copyright holder transfers the rights to the film for participation in the Festival free of charge, which means showing the film during the festival no more than five times, including screenings for the press.

Section 4

Films whose production was completed no earlier than January 1, 2020 can participate in the competitive programs. Necessarily conformity of films declared at the HACF to the social and moral themes of the festival. 

To participate in the main competition program of the Festival, feature/short films in English or in the original language with English subtitles that have not been broadcast on television, have not been released to DVD rental, have not been freely available on the Internet by the copyright holder.

In competition programs, preference is given to all Denver premieres. Premier status is not a prerequisite.

Section 5 

Together with the completed application form no later than January 15th, 2020, the following documents should be sent to the IASC Directorate: - Brief synopsis, annotation; - An electronic link to an online browser (for feature films); - An advertising video (trailer) and frames from the film (at least 3); - Materials for the catalog and site (information about the creators of the film, posters, photographs of the director, links to press releases).

The festival has the right to use all the visual materials of the participating films, as well as fragments from the films (no more than 3 minutes) in order to inform the audience and promote the Festival and its events.

Participation in the festival provides for compliance with all paragraphs of these Regulations. In the event of a dispute over the Rules, the text of these Rules shall be taken as the basis. The Festivus Film Festival Organizing Committee has the right to decide all issues not specified in these Rules.

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