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FESTIVUS is the film fest for the rest of us. Our goal is to support and encourage awesomely badass, truly independent film. Festivus isn't for the deep-pocketed Hollywood type. We're here for the guy that pawned his car to make a film. That's what independent cinema is about. That's what FESTIVUS is all about. Festivus is for you, the truly independent filmmaker.

Festivus Film Festival

In order to develop and strengthen international and inter-regional cultural exchange and professional cooperation in the spirit of indie filmmaking, to strengthen the position of regional cinema in the Denver region, to support and promote independent films expcially in the local community, from 24th to 27th April 2022 comes the 6th Festivus Film Festival.

The task of the Festivus Film Festival is to create conditions for international and inter-regional contacts in the spirit of independent film production, to establish partnerships in the implementation of joint projects, including inter-regional and international levels.

The Festivus Film Festival is a competitive film festival and runs under the motto "Raw and Creative."

Festivus Film Festival`

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Festivus Film Festival
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